PHB describes the key splitting approach used in the Mesh and how it is used to create true end to-end-secure cloud services that can control the decryption of data but cannot decrypt any of it. [Note advanced content] To find out more about the Mathematical Mesh visit source

The aim of the Cyber@StationF programme is to accelerate startups, giving them the tools to co-build cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions. Here, we present CryptoNext Security, a hybrid API that combines classical public-key cryptography with a selection of future quantum-safe standards. Follow the latest from Thales: Twitter: LinkedIn: Instagram: Reading

#5G#Cybersecurity#Whatmakesittick 5G will bring amazing connectivity, but also new cybersecurity challenges. Fortunately, cryptographers are upping their game, too. More on: WHAT MAKES IT TICK? We all want to know why things work the way they do, how we got where we are today, and where we go from here.Continue Reading

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في هذا الفيديو سنتعرف على محتوى دورة التشفير التطبيقي والمقدمة من موقع وقناة تكناوي.نت الدورة ستشرح جميع الأمور الخاصة بعلم التشفير وعلوم إخفاء البيانات وحمايتها من Encryption و Steganography و Hashing وغيرها. نتمنى لكم متابعة ممتعة ومفيدة لفيديوهات هذه الدورة. لا تنسوا أيضاً قراءة المواضيع التالية المفيدة : دورة الهكرContinue Reading

When I sat with Frédéric in his office on Madison, he told me about his passion for creative disruption. He is the Chairman of Arianee, an association whose mission is to build a global standard for the digital certification of valuable objects. Behind the technologies, there’s a vision:today, buying somethingContinue Reading