Google claimed to achieve Quantum Supremacy in a research paper that was briefly leaked on a NASA website. The paper was taken down, but the Internet moves fast to recover data. In this episode, we’ll discuss what quantum supremacy means, what the applications of quantum computing will be, and i’ll explain how a quantum-resistant cryptographic technique called “A New Hope” works. Quantum Computing is my new love, I can’t get enough of it. If you take a look at any QC research paper, you’ll find a bunch of mat symbols and techniques that are not used in classical computing papers. It’s confusing! But that’s exactly why it’s exciting, there’s so much to learn. I hope you find this useful, enjoy!

Google’s Quantum Supremacy paper:

D-Wave API:


Quantum Machine Learning:

Quantum Computing with D-Wave:

Quantum Machine Learning Live:

The Neural Qubit:

An amazing blog by Scott Aaronson on Quantum Supremacy:

Scott’s Supreme Quantum Supremacy FAQ!

A curated list of quantum computing learning resources:

Ring Learning with Errors Blog post:

Quantum Encryption:

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  1. Here comes the most exciting topic 'Quantum Computing'. Thank you Siraj for the great content. Love it!

  2. This dude touches every subject dont know why people dont get hes a multi tasking master that why he cant focus on one set of people and their interest

  3. HI, could you please talk about multi-objetive optimization machine learning algorithms, to get a pareto front…..
    o could somebody else give me an overveiw..

  4. The only person who always manages to make highly informative videos on topics that no one else picks, Hats off to you Siraj. You said in your podcast with Grant that what he's doing is god's work, All the wizards out there feel the same for your channel. Keep making such videos.

  5. Hello Siraj sir,
    Please check my email as i have been waiting since 23rd of September very patiently. I would be very thankful.

  6. Quantum Physics is only responsible for running classical computers😂😂

  7. Quantum B.S. based on B.S. physics, valuing stock at the same time giving their trojan horse encryption, in no way we can trust Google. How do we know they don't just run some special hardware like cuda and A.I. to speed the process? And what 3rd parties are verifying their claims?

  8. So if this is correct, quantum computers can excel at RANDOM variables.
    The future is going to be lit.
    : o

  9. Sirajs school of AI course has been good for me. I have been working in the AI field for the last three years and has been tackling only problems related to the financial industry. He opened up my mind and has started me coding to get going on a start up. It is the best $200 I have ever spent. The course is not for beginning programmers. I learnt to code by myself at the age of 52 and have been billing $200 to $300 per hour for the last three years doing AI consulting for the financial industry. I never took any computer course in my life. If you are devoted to any endeavor you can achieve it. That is my motto.

  10. What is that noise in the background of this video? Can you guys hear like some music or talking or something? Is it just me? It's SUPER DISTRACTING. I can't even pay attention to what he's saying.
    Also, your hair looks stupid.

  11. Tell North Korea to stop messing with nukes and just invest everything it has into quantum computing. They can devastate the world if they get there first

  12. wikipedia: a lattice in R^n is a subgroup of the additive group R^n which is isomorphic to the additive group Z^n, and which spans the real vector space R^n
    Siraj: a lattice can be thought of as any regularly spaced grid of points stretching out to infinity
    thank you Siraj <3

  13. Siraj you are a scam! You stole 200.000$ from your subscribers, myself included, with your "course". Stay away from him people.

  14. Technically, a quantum computer can never break the one-time pad encryption technique as that technique involves having a source file, a key file of that size, and outputting the bit wise XOR of those files, which is sent. The receiver has to have the same key file themselves, and inputs the same two files through both the same XOR function and you get back the original source.
    As long as the key is never reused, anyone only seeing the encrypted file can never know what the source was given at all permutations of all possible characters of that length would have been possible.

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