Professor Edward Frenkel discusses the mathematics behind the NSA Surveillance controversy – see links in full description. More links & stuff in full description below ↓↓↓ More from this interview: Professor Frenkel’s book (Love & Math): The NIST document: More encryption from Numberphile RSA: Enigma: Reading

While cryptography has progressed by leaps and bounds, some codes still haven’t been broken. Tune in to learn more about some of history’s strangest unbroken codes, from the Voynich manuscript to the Tama Shud case and more. SUBSCRIBE | WEBSITE | AUDIO PODCAST | TWITTER | Reading

Daniel Krawisz and Michael Goldstein of the Mises Circle at the University of Texas discuss Bitcoin, cryptography, and libertarian legal theory at the Crypto-Currency Conference on Oct. 5, 2013 in Atlanta, GA. Daniel Krawisz: “Why Libertarians Should Understand Cryptography” (@3:09) Michael Goldstein: “Bitcoin Beyond Money” (@22:49) Q&A (@42:16) Slides availableContinue Reading