The JavaTM Cryptography Extension (JCE) provides a framework and implementations for encryption, key generation and key agreement, and Message Authentication Code (MAC) algorithms. Support for encryption includes symmetric, asymmetric, block, and stream ciphers. The software also supports secure streams and sealed objects. The author of this clip is a studentContinue Reading

At the SIAM Annual Meeting held in Minneapolis in July, Dr. Kristin Lauter of Microsoft Research discussed Elliptic Curve Cryptography as a mainstream primitive for cryptographic protocols and applications. The talk surveyed elliptic curve cryptography and its applications, including applications of pairing-based cryptography which are built with elliptic curves. LauterContinue Reading

You can find download links at Here are some tools for keeping data on your computer private: KeePassX – Password manager and secure database. True Crypt – File and disk encryption software. 7Zip – File archiving and compression tools, capable of encryption. CrypTool -Tool for learning, practicing, creating, andContinue Reading